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Getting started

Set up shop and sell items for money or tokens (or both). All money goes straight to your PayPal, Stripe or Patreon account. GSA charges no fees for any transaction.

Shop optionsโ€‹

Supporter Tiersโ€‹

Players can purchase Tiers with money.

Learn about Supporter Tiers or Visit shop demo.

Monetization - Supporter Tier example

Shop packsโ€‹

Players can purchase Shop packs with tokens.

Learn about Shop packs or Visit shop demo.

Monetization - Shop pack example


See all sales related to one-time payments or recurring subscriptions.

Subscription details

Sales coming from subscriptions indicate whether it was the first transaction of the subscription or a renewal.

Go to Sales >

Monetization - sales

Invoice settingsโ€‹

Dashboards with a paid add-on subscription can also download invoices from the dashboard and the Community website. Before downloading is enabled you must first enter the seller details, which is printed on each invoice.

Go to Invoice settings >

Monetization - invoice settings

This is an example of the invoice generated.


Self-hosted Community websites allow you to customize the invoice template. This can be done by editing this file in your forked repo.

Monetization - invoice example

Download invoicesโ€‹


Monetization - invoice download dashboard

Community websiteโ€‹

Monetization - invoice download dashboard

Monthly targetโ€‹

Set a monthly target for sales. This target can optionally be presented on the Community website to encourage players to contribute to the community.

Monetization - monthly target

Visit example >

Monetization - monthly target example


See and manage player subscriptions.

Go to Subscriptions >

Monetization - Subscription overview

Cancel subscriptionโ€‹

Players can cancel subscription via the Community website. You can also cancel any player subscriptions via the dashboard.

After clicking the Subscription ID you can cancel a subscription. Once cancelled the subscription cannot be re-activated. The player can purchase a new subscription instead.

Monetization - Subscription cancel

Change characterโ€‹

When players purchase a new subscription they are required to select a character that receives any goods from the subscription.

Players can change this character via the Community website, but it can also be changed from the subscription details.

Monetization - Subscription change character


Tokens give communities various options, like:

  • Reward players for playing on game servers, using Scheduled tasks.
  • Integrate tokens in in-game drops, with Token gems.
  • Give tokens to event winners so winners can choose their price.
  • Use tokens as a non-money shop only
  • Set up tokens for Vote rewards
  • Sell tokens for money

Token transactionsโ€‹

See all token transactions for the community, including a description.

Go to Token transactions >

Monetization - token transactions

Reset token transactionsโ€‹

Use Reset all tokens on the Token Transactions page to reset / remove all tokens for players.

Monetization - Reset token transactions