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Chat / console logโ€‹

See what players talk about on the game servers, what logs each game server generates and all admin commands.

Go to Chat / console >

Admin tools - Chat log

Use filters and search to help find what you're looking for.

Admin tools - Chat log


The Player and Character section have a special Admin actions dropdown menu. The Group section comes with an action menu on the right.

While not all options displayed on the image below will be available on all sections, in general they are the same controls.

Admin tools - Controls button

Ban, Kick & Muteโ€‹

Use the controls in the sidebar (right) on every Player page to ban, kick or mute a player. For bans and mutes you can specify a duration.

Admin tools - Ban duration


See where the player / character is whitelisted for and delete if needed. Manually add players to a specific whitelist for a specified duration.

Admin tools - Controls whitelist

Custom Rolesโ€‹

See all Custom Roles for the player / character. Manually assign Custom Roles for a specified duration.

Admin tools - Controls Custom Role

Send to playerโ€‹

Send tokens (or take them away) and manually send deliveries to the player / character.

Admin tools - Controls send tokens Admin tools - Controls send delivery


Keep notes per player. Useful to keep the entire admin team updated on warnings and events.

Admin tools - Notes


Find players across all game servers. Use search and filters to filter accounts that are banned, have a note, specific account types like Steam, Epic, Mojang or EOS accounts.

Go to Players >

Admin tools - Players - overview

Multi accountโ€‹

Players can "merge" their Epic, EOS, Steam, Mojang etc. accounts into 1 Multi account. The Multi label makes it easy to recognize which players on the dashboard represent multiple social accounts.

Players can log in on your Community website -> navigate to Settings -> scroll down to "Connected accounts" to manage their connected accounts. Learn how to connect accounts that don't have a login method >

Admin tools - Players - multi account

Player detailsโ€‹

See all information about the player and all connected accounts like their characters, sales, deliveries, Custom Roles and more.

Admin tools - Player detail - info


Find characters across all game servers. Use search and filters to help find what you're looking for.

Go to Characters >

Admin tools - Characters - overview

Character detailsโ€‹

See all information per character like when they were online, which groups they are in, chat log, deliveries and more.

Admin tools - Character detail - info


Find groups across all game servers. Use search and filters to help find what you're looking for.

Go to Groups >

Admin tools - Groups - overview

Members & logsโ€‹

See who the group members are and search the group logs from the dashboard.

Admin tools - Group detail - members

Admin tools - Group detail - logs


Go to Admin tools settings >

Player greetingsโ€‹

Automatically welcomes players when they join a game server. GSA randomly picks one welcome line each time a players joins the server.

Admin tools - Settings - Player greetings Admin tools - Settings - Player greeting example

Rule gateโ€‹

The Rule gate eliminates the "I didnt know the rules" discussion once and for all.

Set a trial period during which players can play on your servers before they are required to accept the rules. During the trial they are reminded to visit the Community website and accept the rules.

When the trial expires the player receives a final reminder and is kicked when they fail to comply.

Admin tools - Settings - Rule gate

In-game reminders exampleโ€‹

Admin tools - Settings - Rule gate example

Rule page exampleโ€‹

After configuring which page contains the rules GSA will automatically add a button to the page so people can accept the rules.

Admin tools - Settings - Rule page example