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Supporter Tiers

Sell perks for money using one-time or recurring payments.

Go to Supporter Tiers >

Monetization - Supporter Tier example Monetization - Supporter Tier example detail

Create Supporter Tier​

1. Click + Add Tier​

Click + Add Tier in the top-right corner on the Supporter Tier overview page.

Monetization - Create Supporter Tier 1

Enter a name in the popup and click Create.

Monetization - Create Supporter Tier 2

2. Configure settings​

In the description you can summarize what is in the Supporter Tier. The description is shown on the Community website.

Enter a currency, price and payment type (one-time or recurring). Click Save settings to save your changes.

Monetization - Create Supporter Tier 3

3. Add actions​

Add actions to the Delivery content tab. These actions will execute when players buy the Supporter Tier. When the Supporter Tier is a recurring subscription it will execute the actions from Delivery content every time the subscription is renewed successfully.

The actions are similar to Task actions. Learn more about the available actions >

Monetization - Create Supporter Tier 4

4. Expired actions​


This steps applies to recurring subscription only.

When a recurring subscription expired all actions from the Expired actions are executed. This lets you remove any roles, whitelist access etc. when a subscription runs out.

The actions are similar to Task actions. Learn more about the available actions >

Monetization - Create Supporter Tier 5

Manage Tiers​

Re-order Supporter Tiers by dragging to the desired position. Delete and clone Supporter Tiers by clicking the dropdown menu.

Monetization - Manage Supporter Tiers

Payment information​

One-time vs Recurring​

One-time payments are single time purchases that do not renew. Recurring purchases are subscriptions and automatically renew on a monthly basis until cancelled.

Supported currencies​

Accept payments in various currencies does require permission to use those currencies from PayPal and other payment providers. Contact your payment provider.

  • US Dollar ($ / USD)
  • Euro (€ / EUR)
  • GB Pound (£ / GBP)
  • Brazilian Real (R$ / BRL)
  • Australian Dollar (A$ / AUD)
  • Canadian Dollar (C$ / CAD)
  • Polish złoty (zł / PLN)

Payment processors​

Learn which providers are supported and how to connect your payment provider account with GSA. See all supported payment providers >


When players buy Supporter Tiers the deliveries end up on the Deliveries page.

Manual delivery​

Test or manually send Supporter Tiers to players by clicking + Create delivery on the Deliveries page.

Monetization - Manual delivery 1 Monetization - Manual delivery 2