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Shop packs

Sell perks for tokens using Single or Collection packs. Shop packs come with various customisable purchase limits.

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Shop pack typesโ€‹

There are 2 kind of Shop pack types:


The Single type Shop pack involves a single package (as the name implies). There are no sub packages for Single Shop packs.


You can add existing Single packs to a Collection.

Monetization - Shop pack type - Single


Group packages from the same category or with different quantities in Collections. Collections let you create sub packages that can be purchased separately.

Monetization - Shop pack type - Collection

Create Shop packโ€‹

1. Click + Add Shop packโ€‹

Click + Add Shop pack in the top-right corner on the Shop pack overview page.

Monetization - Create Shop pack 1

Enter a name in the popup, select what Type of Shop pack and which game. Click Create to continue.

Monetization - Create Shop pack 2

2. Configure settingsโ€‹

In the description you can summarize what is in the Shop pack. The description is shown on the Community website.

If the selected game supports the in-game shop, you can also select an in-game image. Learn more about all Shop pack settings >

Monetization - Create Shop pack 3

3. Add actionsโ€‹

Adding actions is a little different for both Shop pack types. The actions are similar to Task actions. Learn more about the available actions >


Add actions to the Delivery content tab. These actions will execute when players buy the Shop pack.

Monetization - Create Shop pack 4


When creating a Collection you should add actions to all sub packages. Check out Sub packages Collection for more information about managing sub packages for Collections.

Monetization - Create Shop pack 5

Sub packages Collectionโ€‹

Add to Collectionโ€‹

Add new sub packageโ€‹

Click the Add sub package at the bottom of the Sub packages page to add a new sub package to your existing Collection.

Monetization - Add sub package to Collection

Convert Single to Collection sub packageโ€‹

Add an existing Single Shop pack to a collection, for example when merging similar items into one Collection.

Click the icon on the Shop pack you want to add to a Collection and click Add to Collection.

Monetization - Convert Single to Collect sub package 1

Select which Collection the Single item should be added too.

Monetization - Convert Single to Collect sub package 2

Settings, Pricing & Deliveryโ€‹

Apart from the Collection settings tab is it possible to change settings per sub package.

Click the icon on the right of each sub package and click Settings or Pricing & delivery to edit the sub package settings.

Click the title / badges for a shortcut to Settings or Pricing & delivery.

Monetization - Sub package settings


Drag (up/down) the on the left of each sub package to change the sub package order. Click the icon on the right for cloning or deleting a sub package.

Monetization - Sub package manage

Shop pack settingsโ€‹


Set the token price per Shop pack or sub package.

free items

Set the token price to 0 to make the item free.

Monetization - Settings - Token price

Labels / filtersโ€‹

Labels can be used to highlight certain items, but they also function as filters for the shop.

Monetization - Settings - Labels

Label example:โ€‹

Monetization - Settings - Labels example

Purchase limitsโ€‹

Limit how frequently players can buy certain Shop packs or sub packages from a Collection.

Available options:

  • Allow unlimited purchases
  • Limit to once a year
  • Limit to one purchase per [X] day(s)
  • Limit to [X] sub packages per [X] day(s)
  • Disable package when bought by someone (single purchase limit)
single purchase

Select Disable package when bought by someone (single purchase limit) to disable the Shop pack / sub package for all players immediately after someone buys the Shop pack.

Learn how to reset purchase limits >

Monetization - Settings - Purchase limits


Determine who can see the Shop pack / sub package. Can be used to create Shop packs that are only visible to players with a specific Custom Role (VIPs for example).

Hiding packages can be useful in cases where you want to create a package to recover in-game items or to send items to admins using manual delivery, but you don't want players being able to purchase the package.

Monetization - Settings - Visibility

Offline deliveryโ€‹

With offline delivery the actions will execute regardless of the buyer's in-game status (no character online for the buyer).

This can be useful for Shop packs / sub packages that grant whitelist access, for example. In those cases the player can't join the server until they are whitelisted.


Most in-game commands do require the player to be online. Make sure to test Shop packs thoroughly when using Support offline delivery.

Monetization - Settings - Offline delivery

Character level (min/max)โ€‹

Require the buyer's character to be above or below a certain in-game level.

Setting a min/max level can be useful for starter packs or advanced packs that should only be available for high level characters.

Monetization - Settings - Character level

Delivery restrictionsโ€‹

Limit Shop packs / sub packages to specific clusters or game servers.

In addition to limiting is it also possible to prohibit delivery on specific game servers. This allows you to restrict a package to a specific cluster but rule out certain servers in that cluster.

Monetization - Settings - Delivery restrictions


Set up an image for the Shop pack / sub package.

Website imageโ€‹

Monetization - Settings - Image website


Monetization - Settings - Image website example

In-game imageโ€‹


In-game images are only supported for games that have the GSA Integration mod available. In-game images reference to image paths in the game files and do not support uploaded images.

Monetization - Settings - Image in-game


Monetization - Settings - Image ingame example

Manage Shop packsโ€‹

Change the Shop pack order by dragging up / down.

Click the icon on the right with each Shop pack to clone or delete.

Use the Visit shop button at the top-right to see how changes affect the shop.

Monetization - Manage Shop pack


When players buy Shop packs the deliveries end up on the Deliveries page.

Manual deliveryโ€‹

Test or manually send Shop packs to players by clicking + Create delivery on the Deliveries page.

Monetization - Manual delivery 1 Monetization - Manual delivery 2