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Deliveries for Shop packs, Supporter Tiers and Vote rewards get processed fully automated.

Go to Deliveries >


Any deliveries that are currently being processed will show up on the Delivery overview, along with a graph of your total delivery count per day for the past 7 days

Monetization - Deliveries overview


Troubled deliveries will show up on your overview. You can retry a failed delivery or archive it.

Monetization - Failed deliveries

Manual deliveryโ€‹

Test or manually send Supporter Tiers to players by clicking + Create delivery on the Deliveries page.

Monetization - Manual delivery 1 Monetization - Manual delivery 2

Delivery detailsโ€‹

Each delivery comes with a log, that shows exactly what happened. You can change the recipient Character, retry failed deliveries or archive a delivery. Any associated sub-packages will show up on the details page as well.

Every action on a delivery is logged to help you understand what happened. This is especially helpful when deliveries are failing.

Log details

Click the icon in the logs section to show more details.

Solve command issues

Monetization - Delivery detail

Scheduled / Pendingโ€‹

Deliveries that are waiting for players to come online or clean their inventory are listed here.


All deliveries that were successfully delivered show up on the Completed tab. These deliveries are used to determine whether a player reached their purchase limit for Shop packs.

Reset purchase limitsโ€‹

To reset the purchase limits for individual players you must find deliveries for the Shop pack and archive the deliveries.

Resetting purchase limits for all players using the Reset purchase limits option located at the Completed tab.

Monetization - Delivery reset purchase limits


Report to Discordโ€‹

Configure Discord reporting and change the in-game confirmation message, when a delivery completed.

Monetization - Report delivery info to discord

๐Ÿ’ฅ Troubleshooting ๐Ÿ’ฅโ€‹

In-game command not workingโ€‹

1. Run in-gameโ€‹

Run the command in-game using the right player / character id, if applicable.

Does it work in-game?

Yes: Go to the next step!

No: The command you are using may not work. Use Google for the right command info or contact the game developers.

2. Run via dashboardโ€‹

Open the RCON popup via the shortcut menu and run the command via there. Make sure you use a valid ID. You cannot use variables here.

Does it work?

Yes: Go to the next step!

No: The command you are using may not work via RCON. Make sure this command is supported for RCON use for your game.

Monetization - Solve rcon issue

3. Check the ID / Variableโ€‹

Most games require either a player / steam ID or a character id for a command.

Make sure the right ID / variables are used for the command. Check the variable list and try different ID's.

Monetization - Rcon variable list