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DediConnect can install various services on your machine. These services are optional and are usually required by game servers, like needing a MySQL database to store data.

Available servicesโ€‹

MySQL / MariaDBโ€‹

DediConnect installs MariaDB, which is a MySQL drop-in replacement with generally better performance and support.

Beside the general connection information for the main database can you also find the root account information + examples for plugin settings.

MySQL service settings


With Syncthing you can synchronize cluster data, which is required for games like ARK: Survival Evolved to support Cross ARK travel.

For optimal performance we recommend each machine is connected with every other machine. In the example below we sync 2 machines. Repeat the steps if you have more machines.

1. Install Syncthing & open settings urlโ€‹

Install Syncthing on all machines that need to be synchronized. When the service finished installing, head over to the Settings page and open the Syncthing URL for all Syncthing services you installed.

Syncthing syncing setup 1

2. Find & copy Syncthing ID for machine Aโ€‹

In the Syncthing interface, hit Actions and Show ID.

Syncthing syncing setup 2

Syncthing syncing setup 3

3. Add Syncthing ID to machine Bโ€‹

On Machine B click "Add remote device" and paste the ID (the one you copied from machine A) in here. Do NOT click Save yet.

Syncthing syncing setup 4

Navigate to the Sharing tab and activate backup and cluster. Then hit Save.

Syncthing syncing setup 5

4. Confirm on machine Aโ€‹

Now go back to the Syncthing interface on Machine A. After a short while a confirmation window will show up. This will ask you to confirm that you want to connect with Machine B. Do not add any device that you do not recognise.

Syncthing syncing setup 6

Syncthing syncing setup 7

5. Confirm sharing foldersโ€‹

After confirming to connect with Machine B, Syncthing will ask to confirm sharing the "backup" and "cluster" folder. Click "Share" for both.

Syncthing syncing setup 8

6. Ready!โ€‹

Verify all Remote devices are connected.

Syncthing syncing setup 9


Like with game servers can you reinstall a service or delete it. Activity logs are also available for services.

Service settings 1


Rename services or move them to a different cluster.

Settings specific to services are also listed on the Settings page. See available services for more information.

Service settings 2


All activity for a service, either initiated by an admin or the DediConnect system is reported to the activity page. Issues are also reported here.

Dashboard widget

Bring activity logs to your dashboard panels using the "Events & activity" dashboard widget.

Service activity

Danger zoneโ€‹

Danger zone

As the name implies: things you can do here are dangerous and can cause data loss!

Restart, re-install or delete a service via the Danger zone section.

Service activity