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Getting started

Learn how to control and set up your game servers.

Go to Game server overview >

Game server - overview

Locating the Game server ID

Please include the game server ID when you contact support about a game server or service. It's located in the top-right corner on the game server settings page.

Game server ID


You can control (start, stop, update etc) your game servers from multiple sections. This makes it really easy to update all game servers on a particular machine, for example.

Game server - update modal example

Game server settingsโ€‹

Control (start, shutdown, restart & update) the individual game server via the game server settings pages.

Perform manual indexโ€‹

Manually index all players and groups on this game server. This can be useful when you added a new game server.

Clone game serverโ€‹

Copies most of the settings to a new game server. After cloning the game server isn't installed on the machine yet. To do so, scroll down to the "Your old game servers" section on the Cluster overview and hit Install for the cloned game server.

Game server - settings controls

Cluster overviewโ€‹

Control one or multiple game servers via any cluster overview page.

Game server - cluster controls

Machine settingsโ€‹

Control one or multiple game servers via the Game servers & services page for the selected DediConnect machine.

Game server - cluster controls


The game server settings page gives quick access to most settings, a performance summary, recent activity, console output and more.

Game server - settings

Edit the Config template, map, cluster, game server slots and admin passwords.

You can select any slot limit that is supported by the game.

Game server - settings - basic

custom map

You can set up a custom map by changing the map to Custom map, which will bring up a field where you can add the custom map name.

Game server - custom map

Change namesโ€‹

Game server - settings - names

Server list nameโ€‹

This is the name that will show up on the in-game server list.

Website nameโ€‹

Setting the website name will make the game server appear on the Community website. You can also upload an image to use as the game server block background, on the Community website.

Hide on Community website

Leave the website name field empty to hide the game server on the Community website.

Cluster chat nameโ€‹

Determines how the game server name is presented on cluster chat messages.

Discord nameโ€‹

This is the name that the Discord Bot will show when it posts information about this game server.

Hide on discord

Leave the Discord name field empty to hide the game server on Discord.


Automation settings can be configured per game server or for all game servers collectively through Config template settings. Using a Config template can be useful when using the same automation settings for all game servers.

When the settings are managed via a Config template it will show the Inherited label.

Game server - settings - automation

Update on startโ€‹

This will update a game server when it's starting up. This is mainly useful for testing servers.

Test servers only

We do not recommend using this for normal game servers as it increases startup times and doesn't add any benefits, unless you disabled auto-updates.


Configure whether the game server should automatically update and how long the countdown timer should run before updating.


Automatically restarts the game server at configured hours. This can help improve performance.

Scheduled task

For more advanced restarting schedules you can set up a scheduled Task.

Recent activityโ€‹

See the recent activity for the game server.

Game server - settings - activity


See the console output and send commands or chat to the game server.

Game server - settings - consoles


Learn how the online player count affects the game server's performance, and avoid hick ups from becoming problems.

Monitor game server performance on various levels:

  • In-game FPS (Frames Per Second)
  • Memory usage
  • Online players

Game server - statistics

Access controlโ€‹

Every game will have different access control settings, but generally there are a few things present:


All whitelist players for the game server will show up on the Access tab, under GSA Whitelist. You can clear the whitelist from here if needed.

Twitch sub accessโ€‹

Give Twitch subs access to exclusive game servers. This process works completely automatically and requires no human interaction from the streamer.

integration mod required

This feature requires having the Integration mod installed on the game server.

Game server - statistics


Game server logs are directly accessible via the game server settings page, under the Logs tab. You can also access all logs via FTP.

Game server - logs


See what happened with the game server. Any errors, user & system actions are logged on the Activity page.

Game server - activity

Connect / FTP infoโ€‹

Find information like FTP, game ports, IP's and any game server related connection info on the Connect tab, under game server settings.

Game server - connect

Unlock FTPโ€‹

In some occasions, where the game server changed or created new files, can you run into issues where you can't download a file via FTP due to permission issues. In those cases you can use Unlock FTP to fix the permissions issue.

Danger zoneโ€‹

Danger zone

As the name implies: things you can do here are dangerous and can cause data loss!

Change gameโ€‹

Install a different game on the game servers. Make sure to update your Config template and related settings, like the map.

Operating system

Not all games supported every Operating System (OS). See the list of supported games per OS.

Game server - danger zone - change game


Before re-install a backup is created that stores the save files and info about installed mods and plugins.

This process will remove all files from the disk and reinstall from previously downloaded game files.

Game server - danger zone - re-install


Wiping the game server will remove all save files from the game server. When you start the game server again it will launch with a fresh world.

clear data

Make sure to also delete the dashboard data / stats to remove any old character info from the dashboard.

Game server - danger zone - wipe


Re-install the game server at a different location on the current machine.

Game server - danger zone - relocate

Game server - danger zone - relocate modal

Migrate / Move to another machineโ€‹

Move a game server to another DediConnect machine, fully automated. This requires Syncthing being installed on both machines.

Game server - danger zone - migrate

Game server - danger zone - migrate modal

Custom portsโ€‹

While the warnings on the Custom ports block are pretty clear are there occasions where game servers may need to use custom ports.

No conflict detection

When using Custom ports you may cause issues with conflicting ports. GSA does not check for conflicting ports, so make sure you do.

Game server - danger zone - custom ports

Docker container settingsโ€‹

Change how the Docker container behaves. Configure CPU & memory limits, add mounts and set other custom Docker parameters.

Game server - danger zone - docker settings Game server - danger zone - docker settings

Delete containerโ€‹

This will delete the container, which generally won't cause any issues to existing game servers. A new container is automatically created when the game server is started again.

Deleting the container may change the HWID and/or delete files that are stored outside folders created by GSA. Backup important files manually when unsure.

Game server - danger zone - delete container

Delete dashboard data / statsโ€‹

This process will remove all in-game data from the dashboard database, like characters, groups, chat etc. This action is irreversible.

remove all

Select a date in the future to remove all data for the game server.

Game server - danger zone - wipe data

Delete game serverโ€‹

This will delete all game server file, the Docker container for the game server and release the IP + ports combination.

While it will create a pre-delete backup, it might not back up manual changes. Make sure to manually back up anything that was added/changed without using the GSA dashboard.

Game server - danger zone - delete container