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Getting started

Create custom tasks that execute actions based on player achievements, time schedules, in-game events and more.

Go to Automations / Tasks >

Automations / Tasks - overview

Create automation / taskโ€‹

1. Open "Create new task" popupโ€‹

Click next to "Automations" to create a new task.

Automations / Tasks - create task 1

Select what type of automation you want to create and enter a name. Click Create to continue.


Use an automation template so you don't have to start from scratch.

Automations / Tasks - create task 2

2. Configure run conditionโ€‹

Select when the task should run. See all conditions per type >

Automations / Tasks - create task 3

3. Add actionsโ€‹

Click Add action to open the popup. See all available task actions >

You can add various actions to a task. Each action performs a different task that you can configure.

Automations / Tasks - create task 4

Click the action you want to add to the task. Click Save settings to save your changes.

Not every action will be available for each task type.

Automations / Tasks - create task 5

4. Finish task settingsโ€‹

Finally activate the task and select where (cluster, game server) the task should run. Click Save settings to save your changes.

Learn more about the settings tab >

Automations / Tasks - create task 6



Run actions based on player achievements, like playing for X hours or reaching level Y.

Automations / Tasks - type - achievement

Achievement tasks can be triggered based on the following criteria:

  • Player
    • Player played [X] hours in total
    • Player created more than [X] ago
    • Player was banned
    • Player was muted
    • Player is whitelisted for [X]
    • Player has over [X] tokens
    • Player voted [X] times [since]
    • Player voted
    • Player connected other account (any or specific type)
  • Character
    • Character reached level [X]
    • Character minutes online above [X]


Schedule actions based on a particular day of the week, a specific date, or other intervals.

Automations / Tasks - type - scheduled

Scheduled tasks can be run based on the following criteria:

  • Once
    • At specific moment [date & time] (runs once)
  • Repeating
    • Every [X] minutes
  • Hourly
    • Every hour at minute [X]
    • Every [X] hours at minute [Y]
  • Daily
    • Every day at [hour]
  • Weekly
    • Weekly at specific day and time
  • Monthly
    • Monthly at specific day and time
    • Monthly at [X]nth day and time

Trigger / eventโ€‹

Execute actions based on in-game events, like when players come online or someone votes.

Automations / Tasks - type - Trigger / event

Trigger / Events tasks can be run based on the following criteria:

  • Character
    • Character comes online
    • Character goes offline
    • New character created
    • Character Wake up (ARK / ATLAS only)
  • Chat
    • Player chat contains [X] (one or multiple)
    • Player chat exactly matches [X] (one or multiple)
  • Vote / Review
    • Player voted
    • Player voted [X] times [since]
    • New review posted
  • Report
    • New report created (any or specific type)
    • Report closed (any or specific type)
  • Game server
    • Game server comes online


Use external applications like bots or apps to run actions on the dashboard.

Automations / Tasks - type - Webhook

Webhook options:

  • Generic webhook
  • Player webhook
  • Character webhook
  • Game server webhook


Automations / Tasks - Task settings

Activate automationโ€‹

Activate the Automation is active switch to enable the automation.

Run for each game server(s)โ€‹

Scheduled tasks can run per server or independent of any game servers. For example when you only need to send a message to Discord, you can turn this option off.

Select clusters / game serversโ€‹

When Run for each game server(s) is active you must select one or more cluster(s) and/or game server(s).

Only run when game server is onlineโ€‹

By default tasks will only run for game servers that are online. If available you can disable the switch to let tasks also run for offline game servers.

Delay between serversโ€‹

Adds delay between each game server task, in order to spread load when running on many game servers.


  • No delay
  • 20 second delay
  • 40 second delay

Run actions when player is onlineโ€‹

When enabled this setting will ensure the actions wait for the player to come online before running. This avoids issues with actions (commands for example) that do not support offline delivery. Can be turned off for actions that don't depend on the player being online.


Most games do not support running commands for players that are not online.

Manage tasksโ€‹

Change the Task group via the Task overview. Use the quick action button to perform Test runs, See history runs and more.

Deactivate a task to delete it.

Automations / Tasks - manage task 1

Task groupsโ€‹

Task groups help keep tasks organised and tidy. You can add existing tasks to a group or change the group for a task.

Create task groupโ€‹

Click next to "Task groups" to create a new task group.

Automations / Tasks - create task group 1

Manage task groupsโ€‹

Reorder, rename or delete template groups by clicking .

Automations / Tasks - manage task group 1

Automations / Tasks - manage task group 2