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Adjust the dashboard features and resources based on the community. Pick a pre-made plan or create a custom plan.

Go to Add-ons >


Order / change add-onโ€‹

Only the owner of a dashboard order or make changes to add-ons.

1. Enter billing infoโ€‹

If you haven't already, make sure to enter your billing information. GSA is required to collect this information to comply with tax laws.

2. Select plan or customizeโ€‹

There are various pre-made plans to choose from or create your own. See the add-on options below for details about each add-on feature.

Up / Downgrade

You can make adjustments to your add-on at any moment. Up- and downgrades happen on a pro-rata basis. Any outstanding balance upon canceling is not refunded.

Add-ons - customize

3. Choose payment methodโ€‹

Choose your preferred payment method and hit Update subscription.


The "Choose payment method" section only appears the first time you order an add-on. You can change the billing method via the billing information page.

Add-ons - choose payment method

Renewal date / cancel add-onโ€‹

See when the add-on will renew. Click the Cancel button to stop the auto-renewal for your add-on. The add-on will automatically terminate when it expires.


You can find and cancel all your running subscriptions on the subscription overview page too.

Add-ons - renewal date + cancel

Dashboard usage & featuresโ€‹

See how many admin team members have access, the number of emails sent this month and connected servers.

Add-on usage

Add-on optionsโ€‹

Log historyโ€‹

The log history determines how long data like chat logs is stored for the dashboard.

Chat processingโ€‹

How frequently GSA is checking for new chats on a game server.

Community website+โ€‹

Gives you access to:

  • All paid Community website themes
  • Use custom domain on Community website


Enables monetization features:

  • PayPal subscriptions
  • Use Stripe as processor
  • Use Patreon as processor

Admin team membersโ€‹

Invite admin team members to a dashboard and help manage the community.

Actions per Task / Deliveryโ€‹

Determines how many actions you can have per Task, Shop pack, Supporter Tier and Vote reward.

RconConnect & DediConnectโ€‹

Total amount of instances that can connect / install on the dashboard.