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Add application, whitelist, or staff recruit forms to the community website without writing a single line of code.

Go to Forms >

Community - Forms - Form example

Whitelist applicationsโ€‹

Admin team members with the right permissions can review applications / submissions.

Review applicationsโ€‹

1. Go to Unprocessedโ€‹

Click the number on the Unprocessed column or click the icon for the form you want to review.

Community - Forms - Review applications 1

2. Find applicationโ€‹

Use the search feature on the right to find a specific application and click Review.

Community - Forms - Review applications 2

3. Approve / Rejectโ€‹

Review the form entries and (optional) add a note for the player. The note will be shared with the player via email.

Delete application

Use the Delete option to delete any applications that violate rules or are invalid. This allows the player to submit the form again if there are any submission restrictions.

Click Approve or Reject to continue. The player is automatically added to the whitelist upon approval.

Community - Forms - Review applications 3

Player email exampleโ€‹

This example shows what the player will see on the email. You can customize the email messages.

Community - Forms - Review applications 4

Processed applicationsโ€‹

See all processed applications including who processed it, notes and decision.

Community - Forms - Processed applications 1

Community - Forms - Processed applications 2

Email messagesโ€‹

Customize the email messages sent to players when applications are approved / rejected.


Use the {note} variable to determine where the note is placed in the email.

Community - Forms - Email settings

Create a formโ€‹

1. Click + Add formโ€‹

Click + Add form in the top-right corner on the Forms overview page.

Community - Forms - Create form 1

Enter a name and select what type of form to create.

Community - Forms - Create form 2

2. Add fieldsโ€‹

Use the Form builder to add various components to the form.

Learn more about Form builder >

form template

Use a form template to help speed up creating new forms.

Community - Website - Create page 2

Community - Forms - Create form 3

3. Form settingsโ€‹

Each form type has different settings. Learn more about all form settings >

Click Save settings to store all settings.

Community - Forms - Create form 4

4. Add form to pageโ€‹

The easiest way to add a form to the website is by scrolling down on the form settings and clicking Create new form page. This will create a new page on the Community website with the form prepared.

Community - Forms - Create form 5

Enter a title for the new page and add any extra information if needed.

Community - Forms - Create form 6

Publish the page to make the form visible on the Community website.

Community - Forms - Create form 7

Manage formsโ€‹

Edit and delete forms from the Forms overview page.

Community - Forms - Manage forms

Form builderโ€‹

Using the Form builder makes it very easy to add fields to a form is super simple.

Add fieldโ€‹

Click Add field to add a field to the form.

Community - Forms - Form builder 1

Choose what kind of field to add to the form.

Community - Forms - Form builder 2

Manage fieldsโ€‹

Drag fields up/down to change the order using the icon or delete a field by clicking .

Community - Forms - Form builder 3

Form settingsโ€‹

Change the form name, type, close date and more.

Form typesโ€‹

  • Default (Ban appeal, recruitment etc.)
  • Whitelist application (Role-play, private servers etc.)
  • Poll (Vote for events and mods)


Restrict form submissions to players:

  • Everyone can submit
  • Only accounts with characters can submit

You can also limit the number of entries players can submit:

  • 1 submission per account
  • Unlimited submissions

Community - Forms - Form settings - restrictions


Configure which game server or cluster the submitter should be whitelisted.

You can require all applications to manually get approved before players are added to the whitelist.

Community - Forms - Form settings - whitelist


Require players to have their Discord and/or email connected to the Community website before they can submit a form.

Banned players are by default blocked from submitting forms. For cases like ban appeal forms is it possible to allow banned accounts to submit a form.

Community - Forms - Form settings - player


Automatically report new form entries to Discord, including approval/rejection of whitelist applications.

Set up special Approval and Rejected messages that get posted to Discord by the bot when an admin processes the whitelist applications.

Community - Forms - Form settings - discord