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In-game uploads

In-game uploads allow you to upload in-game items and dino's and send them to a player or offer the uploads in the shop. The uploaded item/dino is delivered exactly the same.

ARK-only feature

This feature is only supported by ARK: Survival Evolved.

Empty tribute inventoryโ€‹


These steps will remove all uploaded items, dinos and character in the Tribute inventory for the selected character. Please use it wisely, as there is no way to recover deleted items.

1. Navigate to character on dashboardโ€‹

Go to the Character detail page for the player that should have its tribute inventory cleared.

2. Click Empty tributeโ€‹

In the sidebar, click Empty tribute.

Admin tools - Clear tribute 1

Select the game server on which the character is currently on.

Admin tools - Clear tribute 2

3. Done!โ€‹

The tribute inventory is now being cleared.

Create in-game uploadโ€‹

This section assumes you emptied the tribute inventory for the character you are using to upload items.

1. Go to nearest obelisk / supply crateโ€‹

Travel to the nearest obelisk / supply crate and access its inventory.

Admin tools - Upload tribute 1

2. Upload item / dinoโ€‹

You can upload a single item or dino, or multiple, for a shop package.

Empty tribute first!

Before uploading anything make sure you empty the tribute as described below.

Uploading dinosโ€‹

Select the Creatures tab and upload the dino's you want in the shop package you are creating.

Admin tools - Upload tribute 2

Uploading itemsโ€‹

Select the ARK DATA tab and drag the items you want in the shop package from your inventory to the ARK DATA tab.

Admin tools - Upload tribute 3

3. Download to in-game uploadโ€‹

Go to the Character detail page for the character that just uploaded the items/dinos in-game.

Click on Download tribute in the sidebar.

Admin tools - Upload tribute 4

Select from which server the tribute should be downloaded (the one the character uploaded it too) and to what storage box it should be downloaded too.

Admin tools - Upload tribute 5

4. Done!โ€‹

You can now use the new in-game upload in Shop packs.