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Config templates

Config templates are a set of configurations, that can attach to one or more game servers. This lets you customize multiple servers at once.

Go to Config templates >

Config template - overview

Create templateโ€‹

Blank templateโ€‹

To create a new config template that is empty click + Add Config template on the Config template page.

Config template - create new 1

Enter a name and select which game the config template is for. Click Create to create a new Config template.

Config template - create new 2

Default config / templateโ€‹

For every game we created a Default config, which is a good starting point for new game servers. The Default config can also be used during troubleshooting, to rule out any issues with your configs.

Config template - default config

Some games have multiple examples. Click a Default config to add it to your dashboard.

Config template - default config

Config templatesโ€‹

Game configโ€‹

Each game comes with different configuration files and settings on the Game tab. You can manage all relevant files and settings from there.

Use Config variables for added flexibility.

Shortcut navigation

Use the Shortcut navigation on the right to quickly navigate to the right file / setting.

Config template - edit

Easy & Advanced-modeโ€‹

While all games support Advanced-mode, some games support Easy-mode. With Easy-mode the settings are converted into a form with switches for easy management.

Switch between modes using the icon in the top-right corner and clicking Switch to Advanced-mode or Switch to Easy-mode.

Easy-mode exampleโ€‹

Easy-mode presents a form with switches and input fields where you can manage a select group of settings.

Config template - easy mode

Advanced-mode exampleโ€‹

Advanced-mode shows all relevant files and settings that you may want to change for game servers.

Config template - advanced mode

Mod / Plugin configsโ€‹

General / Framework configsโ€‹

Some frameworks have general settings that determine how the framework functions, like PaperMC.

For frameworks with general settings you can, in most cases, manage the framework settings from the Mod / Plugin tab too.

Config template - framework settings

Configs for specific mods / pluginsโ€‹

Manage configs for individual mods / plugins from the Config template.

Installed mods / plugins only

You can only manage configs for mods / plugins that were installed via the dashboard. Manually installed mods / plugins won't have their configs updated by Config templates.

Use Config variables for added flexibility.

Config template - plugin specific configs

Click + Add mod / plugin in the sidebar (right) to add more mods / plugins to your Config template.

Config template - add plugin to configs

Besides adding the config to your config template is it also possible to install mods / plugins on game servers from here.

Config template - add plugin config and install on game server


Change the Config template name, manage Admin ID's, configure automations and more advanced settings.

Config template - settings


Config template - settings - access

Admin ID'sโ€‹

Grant admin privileges to all ID's listed in the field. This automatically deploys to all connected game servers.


The automation settings in a Config template can be used to automate game servers. See the Game server automation section for more details.

Config template - settings - automation

Special settingsโ€‹

Advanced users only

Settings under Special settings are potentially breaking and should not be used unless you understand what you are doing. This might break your game server when used irresponsibly.

SteamCMD branchโ€‹

Load any public SteamCMD branch. Config template - special settings - steamcmd branch

Custom launch scriptโ€‹

Add custom scripts to the gsa-control.ps1 and files. Config template - special settings - launch script


Config variablesโ€‹

Adds extra flexibility to Config templates. Can be used to automatically load in installed mods, for example.

Game config variablesโ€‹

  • %%BANLIST%% replaced with ban list URL for game server
  • %%MODIDS%% replaced with id's of all installed mods
  • %%ADMINLISTURL%% replaced with the admin list URL for game server

Plugin config variablesโ€‹

  • %%RCON_PORT%% replaced with RCON port for the game server

Keep notesโ€‹

Help everyone on the team stay updated about what changed for each Config template.

When editing a config, click Notes in the top-right corner.

Config template - notes 1

In the popup you can write text using Markdown styling. Hit Save to save your changes.

Config template - notes 2

Configs with notes show a little icon at the Config template overview. Hover over the icon to see a summary.

Config template - notes 3


Config template - clone


Config template - archive

Game server actionsโ€‹

Activate on game serversโ€‹

Besides choosing a Config template from the game server settings can you also activate a config template on game servers from a Config template.

Click the icon in the top-right corner and click Activate on servers.

Config template - activate on servers 1

In the popup you can see which servers already have the Config template activated and select other servers (for the game) to activate it on.

Config template - activate on servers 2

Restart game serversโ€‹

Apply changes directly from the Config template.

Click the icon in the top-right corner and click Restart servers.

Config template - restart servers 1

In the popup you select which game servers should restart.

Config template - restart servers 2


Config template groups help keep config templates organised and tidy. You can add existing templates to a group or change the group for a template.

Create template groupโ€‹

Click next to "Config templates" to create a new group.

Config template group - create 1

Enter a name for the new group and hit Create.

Config template group - create 2

Change group for templateโ€‹

Add existing templates to a group or change the group for a template by selecting the desired group in the dropdown.

Config template group - Change group for template

Manage template groupsโ€‹

Reorder, rename or delete template groups by clicking .

Config template group - manage groups 1

Config template group - manage groups 2

Third party appsโ€‹


For ARK: Survival Evolved & ARK: Survival Ascended you can use Beacon to manage your config template. Check out the video below to learn how to set it up.

How to import configs on Beacon >