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Clusters help organise game servers and have a functional reason for games that support clusters.

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Clusters - overview

Cluster chatโ€‹

Cluster chat allows players to chat even when they are on different game servers. Not all games support cluster chat. See the features list per game for more information.

By default cluster chat is not enabled. Manage cluster chat settings by clicking Cluster chat in the sidebar menu, on the right.

Clusters - enable cluster chat 1

Enable the Cluster chat switch to enable cluster chat. No game server restarts required.

Clusters - enable cluster chat 2

Global chatโ€‹

Share cluster chat among all clusters by enabling Global chat. This automatically shares the cluster chat messages with the other clusters that have Global chat enabled too.

Clusters - global cluster chat

Cluster chat formatโ€‹

The Cluster chat format field allows for customising how the cluster chat is displayed in-game. Use the variables below:

Available variablesโ€‹

  • {charname} is replaced with name of character that posted the chat
  • {servername} is replaced with name of server the chat came from
  • {groupname} is replace with name of character's group
  • {message} is used to determine where the actual chat message is placed

Clusters - cluster chat format

Discord + Cluster chatโ€‹

In addition to talking to players on other game servers is it also possible to talk to in-game players from Discord.

Learn more about Discord + Cluster chat

In-game exampleโ€‹

Clusters - cluster chat example

Change cluster viewโ€‹

Clusters currently supports 2 different displaying options:

  • Block view
  • Table view

Clusters - change view type

Block viewโ€‹

Clusters - block view

Table viewโ€‹

Clusters - table view

Reorder game servers in clusterโ€‹

Change the order of game servers in a cluster. This changes the order for the cluster for all admins.

Clusters - change game server order in cluster

Change the order by dragging the game servers up / down.

Clusters - change game server order in cluster modal

Manage clustersโ€‹

Re-order, Rename & Deleteโ€‹

Click to open the window where you can re-order, rename and delete clusters.

Clusters - change order

Create clusterโ€‹

Click + Add cluster in the top-right corner of your screen to create a cluster.

Clusters - create cluster

Cluster IDโ€‹

Some games need a cluster ID in order to cluster together game servers. GameServerApp automatically configures the cluster ID in those cases. You don't have to do anything.

Clusters - ID