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Create manual backups, restore backups from other game servers and configure pre-update & pre-shutdown backups or automatic daily updates.

Game server - backups

Create manual backup

Manual backups are created from the Backups tab under Game server settings.

Hit + Create backup to create a backup.

Game server - create manual backup 1

Enter a name for the backup and hit Start.

Game server - create manual backup 2

When the backup is ready, the page will automatically reload.

Game server - create manual backup 3

Restore / delete

All backups can be restored, assuming they are backups of the same game. Only manual backups can be deleted.

clean up

Automatic daily backups are automatically deleted after 7 days.

Game server - restore backup

Restore from other game server

Select the game server in the sidebar.

multi-machine backup sync

Make sure you have Syncthing setup when the game server is hosted on a different machine, to sync the backups between the machines.

Game server - restore backup

Smart backups

Gone are the days where an update broke the save files and there are no backups!

Game server - smart backups


When enabled a backup is automatically created right before the game server is updated.


When enabled a backup is automatically created right before the game server is shutdown or restarted.

If the game server started less than 20 minutes ago it will skip the backup.

Daily backups

GSA will automatically create backups twice per day to so you always have a working state backup. Daily backups run at predefined moments and cannot be changed. Use Tasks for custom schedules.

Custom backup schedule (task)

When a custom schedule is preferred you can use Scheduled Tasks to create custom backup task schedules.

The example below runs every 30 minutes and retains 10 copies.

Game server - backup task