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Admin teams

Work together with the entire team, without the usual security risks like sharing RDP passwords.

Go to Admin teams >

Team permissions

Configure what dashboard sections each team can access and what they can do. Grant read-only or full access.

Manage admin team permissions


Quickly test what teams can do on the dashboard using the Test-drive feature.

Test admin team permissions

Grant forum permissions

Grant Manage forum permissions to let admins manage the forum on the Community website.

Manage forum

Team members

Invite an admin

Click +Invite admin or Invite team member to open the invitation window.


Team members need to create a GSA account before they can be invited to a dashboard.

Invite admin team member

Manage admins

After inviting admins to the dashboard, you can assign them to an Admin team. Additionally can you link their in-game player to their account.

Manage admin team member

Activity logs

See what team members did. Use the filters on the right to narrow down to specific actions.

Go to Logs >

Test admin team permissions

Report activity to discord

Report specific admin activity to your Discord server. You can set this up on the Settings page.

Go to Log settings >

Report admin team activity to discord