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Good to know

GSA staff will never ask for your password or API keys. Do not share them with anyone.

Manage dashboardsโ€‹

Manage dashboards you own and were invited.

Account - Manage dashboard

Default dashboardโ€‹

GSA will automatically switch you to your default dashboard when you log in on the dashboard.

Create dashboardโ€‹

Create new (demo) dashboards for new communities or for testing purposes.

Demo dashboards show dummy data and will auto-destroy after a predetermined period.

Leave dashboardโ€‹

You can leave dashboards you were invited to. It's currently not possible to leave a dashboard you created.


Nickname & timezoneโ€‹

Your nickname is visible to other admin team members, on the activity log and more. Select the timezone you are in so the dashboard can show any dates and time according to your timezone.

Change nickname & timezone >

Account - Nickname & timezone


Billing informationโ€‹

We are required to collect billing information to comply with tax laws.

Billing information page >

Account - Billing info


All invoices for your account are gathered in one place.

Invoices page >

Account - Invoices

Your subscriptionsโ€‹

Find all your active subscriptions on one page. You can cancel any subscription from here too.

Subscriptions page >

Account - subscriptions


Change passwordโ€‹

Change your password >

Account - change password

Log out everywhereโ€‹

If you forgot to log out on a public computer, you can use this to log out your account everywhere.

Settings page >

Account - logout everywhere

Delete accountโ€‹

When you no longer need a GSA account you can delete it. We're sorry to see you leave! Please leave us some feedback so we can improve GSA.

Delete account >