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Setup FTP Server (Windows)

RconConnect only

These instructions are for RconConnect game servers only!

1. Download FileZilla server

Download FileZilla server on your dedicated machine.

Setup FTP 1

2. Install FileZilla server

Setup FTP 2

Setup FTP 3

Setup FTP 4

Setup FTP 5

Enter a password

This password is used to manage your FTP server. Pick a strong password and write it down somewhere.

Setup FTP 6

Setup FTP 7

Setup FTP 8

3. Connect with FileZilla Server

Hit the Connect to FileZilla FTP server button. Enter the FTP management password (the one you setup in the previous step).

Setup FTP 9

Setup FTP 10

4. Create FTP user

Bring up the management panel by clicking Server and then Configure.

Setup FTP 11

Setup FTP 12

Setup FTP 13

Set "Require a password to log in"

Select "Require a password to log in" on the Credentials field and enter a new password. Make sure to write down this password. You need this for the RconConnect FTP form later.

Setup FTP 14

Setup FTP 15

5. Configure Passive FTP mode

Setup FTP 16

6. Update firewall

We should now allow access to the FTP server by opening the ports in the Windows Defender Firewall.

Other firewalls

If there are any other firewalls protecting your machine, you will also need to open / forward these ports manually: 21, 11000 - 12000.


Opening ports can be risky. You should always use strong passwords on your FTP server (and anywhere else). People on the internet might crack weak passwords and access your FTP server. You have been warned!

1. Open Windows Defender Firewall

Click the Windows Start button and type firewall and hit enter to open it.

Setup FTP 17

2. Advanced settings

Click Advanced settings. Setup FTP 18

3. Create new rule

First click Inbound Rules and then click New Rule. Setup FTP 19

4. Enter new rule settings

Setup FTP 20

Setup FTP 21

Setup FTP 22

Setup FTP 23

Setup FTP 24

7. FTP server ready

Your FTP server is now ready to use with RconConnect.