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Getting started

RconConnect helps you supervise self-hosted & rented game servers and get a helicopter view.

Limited features

While we try to make most features available for RconConnect, managing game servers (start, stop, update etc.) is not available for RconConnect.

Use DediConnect if you want an auto-pilot for game servers.

1. Connect with RconConnectโ€‹

Incompatible providers

RconConnect cannot be used with these providers, due to technical reasons: Gportal, GTX Gaming, Host Havoc & Nitrado

1. Select the gameโ€‹

Open to the connect RconConnect game server form and select the game your server is hosting.

2. Enter detailsโ€‹

Follow instructions on the form and hit Connect RconConnect server at the bottom of the form to continue. The required info varies per game.

RconConnect connect 1

FTP access

For certain games RconConnect needs FTP access to support features like admin tools and the shop.

Learn how to install a FTP server on your machine >

Find FTP path

If you're unable to find the right path or the form keeps reporting an error about the FTP path you provided: Learn how to find the right FTP path >

3. Integrate game serverโ€‹

After successfully connecting your game server with RconConnect you may need to configure a couple more things.

Finish integrating the game server >

๐Ÿ’ฅ Troubleshooting ๐Ÿ’ฅโ€‹

Find the "SavedArks" FTP pathโ€‹

1. Install FTP client on your personal computerโ€‹

Download FileZilla's client version and install it on your personal computer.

2. Connect with FTP serverโ€‹

Open the FileZilla client and enter the IP, username and password for your FTP server.

Find FTP 1

3. Navigate to "SavedArks" folderโ€‹

In the right window, navigate to your SavedArks folder.

Find FTP 2

4. Copy "Remote site" pathโ€‹

Copy the path in Remote site path and paste it in the SavedArks field on the RconConnect form.

Find FTP 3

TCAdmin misconfiguredโ€‹

In order for RconConnect to work with a TCAdmin server the TCAdmin server should be properly configured. As instructed by TCAdmin support:

TCAdmin fix 1