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Migrate game server

Learn how to migrate your old game server to a new game server with these simple steps.

Turn off both game servers

Before starting it is important that both game servers are turned off, to avoid data loss.

DediConnect FTP credentials

You can find the FTP credentials for your DediConnect game servers on the Connect tab (Go to Game server settings -> Connect).

1. Download files from old game server

Log in on the old game server using FTP or RDP and download all:

  • Save files
  • Game config files *
  • Plugin / mod setting files*

* = Skip these when migrating between DediConnect game servers or when the game server does not support it.

If you're not sure where to find the files, contact the hosting provider.

2. Upload save files to new game server

Connect with the new game server using FTP or RDP and upload the old save files to the save files directory on the new game server.

3. Add configs to the Config template

DediConnect migration

Skip this steps when migrating between DediConnect game servers.

Simply activate the existing Config template on the new game server to migrate the configs.

GSA uses Config templates to manage config files. Config templates let you manage the config files via the dashboard and automatically deploy them to the game servers.

Learn more about Config templates >

Game configs

Upload the configs from the old game server to a Config template.

Plugin / mod configs

Upload the plugin & mod configs to a Config template. This is only supported for DediConnect game servers.

4. Import ban list

You can import your existing ban list to GSA via the Import page >.

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