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Learn how to connect your dedicated root machine with DediConnect.

before you begin

Ensure the machine has a supported OS installed and meets the requirements.

Prepare the machine


After installing Linux you can connect the dedicated machine with DediConnect straight away. DediConnect will install everything the machines needs to host game servers.

Continue with connecting to DediConnect >


Follow the steps below after Windows finished installing.

1. Login with RDP

Use Microsoft Remote Desktop to login on your dedicated machine using the Administrator account and the password you received from your hosting provider.

Administrator user required

Did your machine come without a Administrator user account?

Learn how to activate it >

2. Open "PowerShell"

Click the Windows Start button and type Powershell and hit enter to open it.

Windows install 1

3. Run command in PowerShell

Copy the command for your OS and paste it into PowerShell. Then hit enter to execute it. When the script has finished it will restart the machine.

Windows Server 2019
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -OutFile .\install-script.ps1; .\install-script.ps1
Windows Server 2022
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -OutFile .\install-script.ps1; .\install-script.ps1
Wait for reboot

After hitting enter it may take a while for the script to finish. Do not close the window. Wait for the machine to reboot, this may take up to 30 minutes.

4. Wait for machine to come back online

After the machine rebooted and it is operational it is ready to connect with Dediconnect.

Connect DediConnect

1. Go to "Connect machine" page

Go to the machines overview page by clicking Machines in the sidebar. Take a shortcut by clicking the next to Machines.

Connect machine 1

2. Enter machine IP

GSA will perform a quick scan to check if your machine is compatible with DediConnect.

Connect machine 2

3. Enter credentials

Enter the username and password that came with your dedicated root machine. GSA needs this information to manage game servers and services on the machine.

We securely store this information using AES-256 encryption (Military grade).

SSH Key Auth

If you have experience with machines and you prefer using key-based authentication, check out the information about SSH. If you have no idea what this means, just ignore.

Hit Start installation when you're ready.

Connect machine 3

4. Installation

After clicking Start installation DediConnect will install all the required software on the machine to host game servers.

You get an email when the installation is finished.

Connect machine 4

5. Ready!

When the installation finished you can start using the machine.

Learn how to install game servers and services >

Connect machine 5

💥 Troubleshooting 💥

Activate "Administrator" user on Windows

When your machine comes without a Administrator user account you need to manually activate it.

1. Login with RDP

Login on your machine using Microsoft Remote Desktop. Use the IP address and credentials you received from your hosting provider.

2. Open "Computer Management"

Click the Windows Start button and type Computer Management and hit enter to open it.

Windows user 1

3. Locate "Users" overview

Click Local Users and Groups and then click Users.

Windows user 2

4. Administrator properties

Right-click the Administrator account and click Properties.

Windows user 3

5. Un-check Account is disabled

Windows user 4

6. Set password for Administrator

Right-click the Administrator account and click Set Password.

Windows user 5 Windows user 6

7. Enter new password for Administrator

Enter the password you received from the hosting provider.

Windows user 6

8. Test the new acount

Close the RDP connection and login again using the Administrator user to confirm everything is working.

Debian change language to English

1. Login and run command

Login on your machine via SSH and run dpkg-reconfigure locales

2. Select en_US.UTF-8 UTF8

Select en_US.UTF-8 UTF8 and hit OK. Debian issue 1

Then select en_US.UTF-8 and hit OK.

Debian issue 2

3. Reboot your machine & confirm changes applied

Restart your machine by running reboot and wait for it to come back online. When it's online run env | grep LANG to confirm it now says LANGUAGE=en_US:en.

Debian issue 3

Update Windows

You should update your Windows install before installing DediConnect. Do not do this while installing DediConnect.

1. Login with RDP

Login on your machine using Microsoft Remote Desktop. Use the IP address and credentials you received from your hosting provider.

2. Check for updates

Click the Windows Start button and type update and hit enter.

Windows update 1

3. Check for updates / install all

Depending on your system there may already be updates listed. If the machine indicates it is up-to-date you may want to click the Check for updates button to be sure.

Windows update 2

4. Restart machine

Some updates require the system to restart. You should do this before connecting it to DediConnect.

Windows update 3


Make sure your machine is fully operational before trying to connect the machine with DediConnect.