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Getting started

DediConnect is an auto-pilot software for dedicated root machines and game servers. It does all the heavy lifting autonomously, like installing game servers, performing updates and crash recovery.

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Where to install DediConnect

Choose one of the two options below to continue:

Rent a machine

When you are new to dedicated machines or prefer a professional solution, we recommend you rent a dedicated machine from a hosting provider. It's easy and robust.

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Self-hosted machine

If you are experienced and host a machine on your home / the office network, you can probably use that machine for DediConnect.

Using self-hosted machines >

What machine is right for you?

Need help?

Jump on our Discord and talk to one of the many experts that are happy to help you.

Include answers to the following questions in your Discord request:

  • What is your experience level?
  • Which game(s) do you host?
  • How many game servers?
  • How many players?

Processor / CPU

Almost every game performs better when hosted on high GHz CPU's. Only a few games benefit from more cores / threads. Processors below 3.5GHz may experience rubberbanding and lag. Reserve at least 1 thread per game server.

You can find the core / thread count for any processor on the internet.


If you want to host 8 game servers, you need at least 8 threads. Preferably reserve 2 extra threads for system tasks.

Memory / RAM

Running game servers load the save files into memory, which causes increased memory usages. When memory runs out, the server crashes.

For most games you should reserve between 4 - 10 GB RAM per game server (7GB on average).


If you want to host 8 game servers, you need at least 56 GB (8 x 7 = 56GB). Preferably reserve 4GB extra for system tasks, totalling to 60GB.

Disk space

Game servers benefit from high speed disks, like SSD and NVMe. Avoid HDDs!

In most cases you should reserve 30GB disk space per game server.


If you want to host 8 game servers, you need at least 240 GB (8 x 30 = 240GB). Preferably reserve 100GB extra for the system, totalling to 340GB.

DDoS protection

Professional DDoS protection is recommended for popular communities. Small (PvE) communities or friend-only servers can easily do without.

Practical tips

Fresh install

It's best to install DediConnect on a machine you recently installed, ideally without installing anything else. This avoids conflicts with software not managed by GSA.

Spread across multiple machines

In certain cases it may be cheaper to spread your game servers over multiple machines. Small machines are usually cheaper, without sacrificing performance.

This also allows you to use different hardware for popular and less popular game servers, hosting the less popular maps on low spec hardware.

Which tech do we use?

Below you can find some technical information about how DediConnect works and what kind of tools it uses under the hood.


DediConnect uses Docker to containerize game servers and services. This ensures highly reliable and stable game servers with minimal downtime.


GSA primarily uses SSH to securely connect with your machine.

During the installation process GSA will switch from password auth to key auth, for optimal security.

Optionally can you use key auth from the start, by adding GSA's public key to the authorized_keys file on the machine. If you don't know how to do this, please use the normal password auth.