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Getting started

DediConnect helps you host stable and high performance game servers, without the technical hassle, on rented or self-hosted hardware.

The hosted game server manager does all the heavy lifting, like installing game servers, running updates and crash recovery.

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Where to begin?

Rent a machine

Keep it simple by renting a machine from a data center. This is the easiest and (in our opinion) best solution for hosting game servers.

Rented machines are usually more reliable vs. self-hosted machines, due to redundancies in data centers. It's easy and robust.

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Self-hosted machine

Use a self-hosted dedicated root machine running on a home / office network with DediConnect.

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What tech do we use?

Below you can find some technical information about how DediConnect works and what kind of tools it uses under the hood.


DediConnect uses Docker to containerize game servers and services. This ensures highly reliable and stable game servers with minimal downtime.


GSA primarily uses SSH to securely connect with your machine.

During the installation process GSA will switch from password auth to key auth, for optimal security.

Optionally can you use key auth from the start, by adding GSA's public key to the authorized_keys file on the machine. If you don't know how to do this, please use the normal password auth.