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Webhook API

Webhooks can be used to trigger certain actions on your dashboard.


You can find your Webhook API keys here:


GSA staff will never ask for your password or API keys. Never share your API keys with anyone!

Handle the API keys like your password.

Replace examples

You should manually replace the examples below with live information:

  • Replace {CLIENT_ID} with the Client ID from your API key page.
  • Replace {GAMESERVER_ID} with the game server id, from your dashboard.
  • Replace {WEBHOOK_SECRET} with the Client Secret.

Required request body

All requests should have {WEBHOOK_SECRET} as the request body. Without this you will likely receive a 401 response.

Available endpoints

Start game server

Will queue your game server to start as soon as possible.


Stop game server

Will queue your game server to stop as soon as possible.


Restart game server

Will queue your game server to restart as soon as possible.


Update game server

Will schedule your game server to update with a 30 minute countdown. You can add a &countdown=10 at the end to set a custom countdown timer, in minutes.


Wipe game server

Will queue your game server to wipe as soon as possible.


Cancel schedule actions

Will cancel all scheduled actions, if the game server is not yet locked.