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Ark Server API Developer guidelines

These guidelines are intended to make the automatic plugin installation as easy as possible. Following the guidelines from this guide will ensure your plugins install flawlessly.


This guide is intended for Plugin developers.

Developer - Api guidelines example

Upload to

Make sure your plugin is registered at New plugins or updates may take 10 minutes to show up.

Upload files in a ZIP

Upload ZIP file only, as download. Other extensions are ignored.

Use numeric versioning

Use a numeric version, like: 1.4 or 1.4.2 or 10 when you register the update.

Corresponding folder name

Make the main folder in the zip correspond with the plugin name, using Camel Case. Convert to Camel Case helper:

Here are a few examples:

  1. PvP+ -> PvpPlus
  2. [Unstable] ArkShop Rework -> ArkshopRework (everything between [] is removed)
  3. Shop Rewards & Stats -> ShopRewards&Stats
  4. GAMINGOGS - BOUNTY HUNTER -> GamingogsBountyHunter


Store your configurations in config.json