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Install game server / service

Navigate to the machine settings and click the Actions button in the top-right corner.

Go to Machines >

Install game server & services on machine

How to install game server

Select the game, Config template and Cluster for the new game server. From there you can select which machine the game server is installed on.

OS support

Not all games are available on every Operating System (OS). You can see which OS's are supported per game.

OS support per game

Install game server on machine 1

Click Install game server now to install the new game server on the selected machine.

Install game server on machine 2

Learn how to configure & manage game servers >

How to install service

Depending on the Operating System (OS) of the machine, you can install a variety of services.

Install service on machine 1

After clicking a service, DediConnect will begin installing the service.

Install service on machine 2

Install service on machine 3

Learn more about the available services >