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Set up a website for online whitelist application forms and more. No coding experience required: it's all easy drag-and-drop.

Go to Website >

Community website example


Go to Pages >

Create new pageโ€‹

1. Click + Add pageโ€‹

Click + Add page in the top-right corner on the Website page overview.

Community - Website - Create page 1

2. Add contentโ€‹

Use the Page builder to add various components to the page.

Learn more about Page builder >

page template

Use a page template to help speed up creating new pages.

Community - Website - Create page 2

Community - Website - Create page 2

3. Finish settingsโ€‹

Enter a page title and the publishing date. GSA will automatically publish the page when choosing a date in the future.

Community - Website - Create page 3

Manage pagesโ€‹

Clone or delete pages from the Page overview. Click the to open the page on the Community website.

Community - Website - Manage page 3

Page builderโ€‹

Add rowโ€‹

Click Add row at the bottom of the Page builder.

Community - Website - Page builder 1

Choose what kind of row to add to the page.

Community - Website - Page builder 2

Manage rowsโ€‹

Community - Website - Page builder 6

Drag a row up/down to change the order using the icon or delete a row by clicking .

Change layoutโ€‹

Click Layout to change the layout of a row.

Community - Website - Page builder 7

Row settingsโ€‹

Click Row settings to make changes to appearance and spacing.

Community - Website - Page builder 8

Add content block to rowโ€‹

Click Add content in the row where you want to add a content block.

Community - Website - Page builder 3

Choose a content block to add to the page.

Community - Website - Page builder 4

Manage content blockโ€‹

Each content block can have specific extra settings, like text alignment. Delete a content block by clicking .

Community - Website - Page builder 5

Use the sidebars on the menu page to add items to the menu. Drag menu items up and down to change position.

Go to Menu >

sub menu

Create a sub menu by dragging menu items to the right.

Community - Website - Menu 2

Community - Website - Menu 1

Theme optionsโ€‹

Go to Theme options >


Upload custom logos and favicon to be used on the Community website.

Community - Website - Theme options - logo

Website themes & fontโ€‹

Choose from various themes and fonts to customize the Community website.

Community - Website - Theme options - website theme + font

Change website backgroundโ€‹

Select one of the many background banners or enter a link to a custom banner image.

Community - Website - Theme options - banner

Custom CSSโ€‹

Customize the Community website by uploading custom CSS.

Community - Website - Theme options - CSS


Change the colors on the Community website.

Go to Colors >

Community - Website - Colors

Custom imagesโ€‹

Upload custom images for characters on the Community website.

Go to Custom images >

Community - Website - Custom images

Website domainโ€‹

Change the subdomain url for the Community website or set a custom domain.

Go to Domain >

Community - Website - Custom domain


Go to Settings >

General settingsโ€‹

Set up a custom home page or set the forum as a homepage. Configure a Google Analytics ID and change various pages to a custom page.

Community - Website - Settings

Change the Footer content for all pages.

Community - Website - Footer settings