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An integrated ticket system for issue reporting that supports admin collaboration. Players can report in-game issues or players that break the rules via the Community website or in-game.

Go to Reports >

Admin tools - Reports


At the Report overview you can see all open and in-progress reports. Use the search and filters on the right to narrow down reports.

Admin tools - Reports

Assign to meโ€‹

Before processing a ticket, make sure you assign it to yourself. This lets other team members know that you are already working on this ticket.

From the overviewโ€‹

Admin tools - Assign report to me 1

From the report detail pageโ€‹

Admin tools - Assign report to me 2

Someone else already assigned itโ€‹

Admin tools - Assign report to me 3

Shortcut menu iconโ€‹

Admin tools - My reports shortcut menu

Your reportsโ€‹

See all reports assigned to you on the Mine tab. The number indicates how many reports are still in-progress.

Admin tools - Reports

Report detailsโ€‹

Each reports pulls all information about the reporter and, if applicable, the reported player. When reporting via the in-game form the exact in-game location is also recorded and posted on the report.

Keep notes per report to share updates with the team.

Admin tools - Report detail - info

Admin tools - Report detail - info

See game server related stats to spot any issues.

Admin tools - Report detail - info


Admin tools - Report settings

Go to Settings >

Log to Discordโ€‹

Post a message in a specific channel when a new report is received.

Types / departmentsโ€‹

Customize the types / departments players can select in the report form. This is useful to separate player reports from in-game bugs and such.